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Lord Gray The Haunting Brockley Jack Studio Kate Bannister
Old David Kidnapped Sell A Door (UK Tour) Anna Fox
Scrivens A Scent of Flowers DogOrange (Brockley Jack) Matthew Parker
Hepburn O’ Bothwell Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off Theatre Up Close (Kings’ Head) Robin Norton-Hale
Macduff Macbeth Bingo Dragon Sammi Searle
Dr Phillips RIP Iris / Grindstone (Actors’ Church) Sonnie Beckett
Dr Sterling The Ghost Train Brockley Jack Kate Bannister
Nikolaj Bliss Bear Arcola Andrea Kantor (Diologbox)
The Oppressor The Woyzeck The New Diorama Sebastian Rex (Acting Like Mad)
Friedrich Nietzsche The Most Dangerous Toy Theatre 503 Eva Mann (Playades)
Malvolio Twelfth Night The Minack Theatre Emma Gersch (Moving Stories)
Duke of Cornwall King Lear The Rose Theatre Grace Wessels (House on the Hill)
Greg Cranes (workshop) Cockpit Theatre Alan Friel
Adrian Gamut Whoosh! Camden Fringe (Pirate Castle) Jason Moore
Man Regretting Dialogue #1 (short) Arcola Theatre Sandra Buch
Callum / Rev. Scobie Abandonment New Diorama Theatre Holly Wilson

Film and TV

Sir James Melville Bloody Queens: Elizabeth and Mary Renny Bartlett BBC2 & Pioneer
Graham Soldier Bee Alex Hardy Sky Blue Films
King James I The Last Days of Guy Fawkes Ben Mole OFTV / Channel 5
DI Harris The Crime Doug Rollins tbc
DC James Morrison Crimewatch Katie Bodinger BBC
TV Man with MIC The Wee Man Ray Burdis Carnaby Films
Will Mnemophrenia Eirini Konstantinidou
Moore (lead) Dark Moon Liam Rustill
Man #1 The Visit Sahide Sanin & James Neil Parallax Media
protagonist Pigeon Song Matt Cameron Flyboy Films
Andrew Outland Adina Istrate London Film School


Zombies, Run! Damien Matt Wieteska (Six for Start)
1984 Goldstein (v.o.) David Hutchinson (Sell A Door)
Malcolm / Doctor / Witch Macbeth Lotte Wakeham (London Contemporary Theatre)
Friar Lawrence / Prince / Chorus Romeo and Juliet Luke Sheppard (London Contemporary Theatre)
Oedipus The King Oedipus Felix Trench (AudioScribble)
Scottish barbarian Ryse Campbell Askew (Crytek)
Glasgow Real Accents Janet Howd and Peter Layton
Narrator Coping With Childhood Asthma Audiobook for Prospero media

Theatre During Training

Billy Five Kinds of Silence Grange Court Theatre Sonia Fraser
Fainall The Way of The World Grange Court Theatre Illona Linthwaite
Dromio of Ephesus Comedy of Errors Grange Court Theatre Hugh Walters
Clarence Richard III Grange Court Theatre Chris Pickles
Vanya, Astrov
& Serebryakov
Uncle Vanya Grange Court Theatre Johnny Kemp
Dame Trotty Jack and The Beanstalk Primary school tour Crispin Harris
Stephen Entertaining Angels Grange Court Theatre Brendan Murray
Nick Nabokov’s Gloves Grange Court Theatre Peter Craze

TV and Film Excerpts While Training

Dave Single Father Delyth Thomas
Harry Love Actually David Tucker
Mr Bennett Pride and Prejudice Baz Taylor
Andy Hunter EastEnders Jo Johnson

Theatre Before Training (all with the Lancaster University Theatre Group)

Spurio The Revenger’s Tragedy Sweet ECA,
Edinburgh Fringe 2008
Jessica Prestige
Mr Samsa Metamorphosis Gregson Centre, Lancaster Oliver Trumble
& Rachel Clutterbuck
Squealer Animal Farm Sugarhouse, Lancaster Rory Poole
Clive The Complaisant Lover Lancaster Dukes DT3 James Wood
The Colonel Black Comedy Lancaster Dukes DT3 Rick Bithel
Kulygin Three Sisters Gregson Centre, Lancaster Iain Black
& Rob Catell

Theatre Directing Before Training

Director Judith: A Parting From The Body
by Howard Barker
Gregson Centre, Lancaster 2010
Assistant Director In The Penal Colony
by Steven Berkoff
Gregson Centre, Lancaster 2010